Sam DeWys

Nobska Farms


Nobska Farms is a Cape Cod microfarm specializing in exotic, rare, hard-to-find, and super hot chili peppers. Methods designed to support Farming for the Future℠. A key aspect of the operation is sustainability, which, for them, means “importing” to the farm as little as possible across the property line – in other words, minimize use of electricity, fuel, fertilizer, and water. They focus on harvesting as much as possible of what comes out of the sky. In come sunshine and rainwater, out go chili peppers. The logo and tagline stem from the nickname given to the founder by his grandfather, The Big Red Rooster. Given the illustration of the rooster, I created an identity that showcased the rooster while creating a rustic design to bring the microfarm to life. The original identity was launched in 2012 and a refresh was developed in 2017 to mark the 5 year anniversary and changing needs of the farm.