Sam DeWys




Hi, I’m Sam! I’m an art director and graphic designer living and working in New York City. I spend my days delivering creative solutions and grade A campaigns that challenge the norms of the health and wellness market. I also do freelance work for weddings, hair salons, micro-farms, bakeries and anything else I can get my hands on. Check out my resume to learn more or shoot me an email to see more of my work that I can’t put online.

Things that I love: my cat Pollo, typography, color theory, puns and dad jokes, tacos, the resurgence of the gif, minimalism and constantly learning

Awards: Awards for various campaigns in the healthcare and PR industry from competitions such as the Sabre Awards, In2 Sabre, MM&M, PM360 Pharma Choice, PR Week, Hermes Creative and PM360 Greatest Creators. 

If you are interested in freelance work or want the super secret password to see all of my work, get in touch!